Hello! My name is Maria Saracino and I’m a figurative polymer clay artist. I love creating figurative sculptures, portraits and other polymer art, but I also enjoy sharing my creative process with students all over the world.

I have taken two classes with Maria and they were both wonderful. She brings out the best creativity from each student. Her method of teaching is easy to follow and she is helpful throughout the entire artistic process. You start as an amateur and go home with a masterpiece. I have truly enjoyed her classes.

Monika Moldovan

Maria is truly amazing! My daughter and I are fortunate enough to have taken two "tester" workshops with Maria. Last summer (2017) we created elves beyond cut and today we brought home two beautiful angels. Maria is not only super talented, she is an amazing teacher! Very patient and a joy to be around. She always makes sure you are completely satisfied with your masterpiece.

Kathy Barrette Craigie

Kathy Barrette Craigie

Take a class with Maria!! She's professional, exciting, informative and your expectations will always be exceeded. After taking several of her classes I'm proud to say I've learned so much more than I thought. With her easy to follow teaching methods I've produced some amazing results and I have become more skilled in the art of sculpture. Maria is generous and patient with everyone. Her attention to detail and her tips and tricks are well worth taking a class. Just do it!

Christine Rawlinson

Thank you Maria for a wonderful class. We had so much fun!

Brooke McEvoy

I've taken a few classes from Maria, and she is an AMAZING teacher! If you have something different in mind from what is being taught, she will make sure that your vision comes through. Even if you've never sculpted before, you will be amazed and happy with the end result.

Miranda Stillabower

Thanks for a very enjoyable class! Maria was a great teacher and made it easy to follow along.

Karyn Bridges

Maria is an awesome instructor! She helped me with some of the challenging parts of the project. Maria has patience of a saint! This workshop was absolutely amazing and I would do it again.

Patrizia Cdt

What a great experience it was to study with you for 4 days in Jul 2018. Your step by step demonstrations for the Christmas Heirloom Santa were clear and concise. I appreciate all the practice time you gave us each day to commit the lessons to memory. You provided the class with so much information and instruction packed into one week which must have taken you years to acquire. Your generosity in candidly discussing your business experiences was so helpful. Learning your "lay of the land", and how to develop an ethical and positive working relationship with collectors and galleries was invaluable. You anticipated and answered all the questions we had about how to develop a realistic approach to making a wonderful, heirloom Santa.Your teaching style is extremely valuable. You are able to break down your sculpting process in manageable pieces so that students at all skill levels are able to comprehend your techniques. And not least, your memorable stories and contagious sense of humor made the hours fly by. It was a real pleasure to be in your company, and I will see again, a true mentor!

Bernadette Alcock

Took my first class today with Maria and I loved it. Maria is a great teacher. I can’t wait to take my next class with her.

Micheline Laviolette Brunet

Maria is a great teacher. I'm usually so slow to get a project done that this is literally the first class in anything I've taken that I've actually finished the project in-class (thanks to her efficiency and excellent teaching) I highly recommend taking one of her classes if you're looking for an advanced intro into polymer clay (I took the My Little Elf class).

Vanessa Chang